financial relief servicesIf you’ve found yourself floundering under the pressure of a legal matter involving bankruptcy, probate or real estate, you’ve come to the right place. M. Dale Mills Jr. is a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy, probate law and real estate law, and with more than 30 years of experience, he is ready to help you.

In today’s tough economic times, everyone feels the pinch. With the stock market down, unemployment rates up and foreclosures rampant, it’s easy to understand the financial burden everyone faces. If your financial burden is even heavier, it’s time to consider a fresh start. Your path to a fresh start begins with a free consultation  from M. Dale Mills Jr.

If you need guidance during the probate period of a loved one’s will, M. Dale Mills Jr. can help. He has the experience to work with you during this troubled time and guide you through unfamiliar territory. Call for a free consultation about probate.

M. Dale Mills Jr. is experienced in all areas of real estate law. Don’t try to go it alone – call M. Dale Mills Jr. so he can help you get the outcome you desire regarding your real estate legal issue.

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